Senior Seminar Capstone

Introduction & Overview:

The title of my program is Mentorship and Guidance through Sport. It is composed of three majors: Physical Education, Social Work and Criminal Justice 

I created this major because before I left PSU in 2019 for a year I was a PE/HE major and spent 2.5 years there. So, I have a lot of credits I don’t want to disappear. That being said, I am still interested in that field, just not in a school setting. In my time away from PSU I gained some experience in the social work area by changing my job from a summer camp counselor to a residential group home. I realized I like helping kids that came from a tough background. This brings in both the social work and criminal justice majors with kids who are in the juvenile delinquency department.

My Project:

I have decided to make a workbook for kids to be able to gain knowledge about their emotions. The main purpose of it is for them to be able to use in difficult times, to express themselves . It will highlight what our emotions look like, what they might be feeling, what they can do about it and what works best for them in those situations. It will also include affirmations and journal prompts for them to practice.

Artifacts from my project:

Pieces of Writing

Revisions :


IDS has really helped me feel like I am getting what I want out of college. Coming into school and bing glued to a Physical Education Major and a Coaching minor I felt like I was missing an aspect of what I wanted to do. I knew I didn’t want to be strictly stuck in a gym environment. I think my time away from PSU really helped me gain the experience I needed. After coming back to PSU I knew I wanted to switch majors and was looking at Social Work. It wasn’t until a previous professor informed me about IDS that I found exactly what it was I needed. I remember having a meeting with Hannah, and explained my “vision” for what I wanted to do. She thought that IDS was a perfect fit to make that happen. After that I officially switched my major to IDS and entered into Introduction to IDS for that semester. There is where we put it all together and I pieced together what classes made ”Mentorship & Guidance through Sport”. I am truly happy and proud of what i’ve made. I feel like its exactly what I envisioned. I am excited for the next chapter as I have accepted a position as an Assistant Directer at a local summer camp, and then from there will be potentially doing a service year in Manchester NH as a City Year member through AmeriCorps!